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Granting Support Access

Should you find yourself needing help from our support team, you can securely grant support access right within your Salesforce account. Don’t worry – our support team can only see baseline statistics on your Salesforce org and will not be able to view or edit any data.   Salesforce Classic Instructions Salesforce Lightning Instructions  


Cloudingo offers a variety of report options. To access the reports, go to the Report Module from the Dashboard Menu. Once in the Report Dashboard, there is ‘Reports’ menu option at the top, right corner of the page that gives you a list of all available (and selected) reports that can be visible on your […]

Change Username or Password

You can change your Cloudingo username and/or password at any time. Just login to your account, and click the menu option with your display name (in the top right corner just to the left of the ‘Admin’ menu). From the menu, click Change Password and/or Change Username. A confirmation email will be sent to the […]

Change Salesforce Credentials

Changing the Salesforce credentials associated to Cloudingo is different than changing the Cloudingo username. The Salesforce credentials entered are used to establish the connection between Cloudingo and Salesforce. But, they do not necessarily have to be the same as the Cloudingo username & password that were created when the account was established. To change the […]

Update Expired Credentials

To change or update the Salesforce admin ID and/or password associated to Cloudingo, follow the steps below. (This is different than changing the Cloudingo ID or username.) Step 1: Login to Cloudingo From the login page, Salesforce admins can login using the blue Login with Salesforce button. All other users use the white boxes to […]

Managing Multiple Users

There are different ways to manage Cloudingo users, depending on your license type: Basic & Standard Users Cloudingo was designed as a Salesforce admin tool, and as such (for Cloudingo basic and standard licenses), it only allows for a single login. Cloudingo monitors open sessions and will prevent simultaneous logins. The single sign on option […]

Updating Credit Card Info

From the Cloudingo drop down menu on the upper right of the dashboard, select Admin >> Subscription. At the top of the page, click Change Card in the red box. Enter your new credit card information.  

Purchasing a Cloudingo License

We’re thrilled you’re ready to buy a Cloudingo subscription. To do so, login to your trial account. Select My Plan from the settings drop down menu on the upper right of the dashboard. On the next screen, select the license you would like and you’ll be directed to a payment screen. Afterwards your account will […]

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