Articles related to automating data quality and deduplication with Cloudingo. The Cloudingo Automation engine is a powerful and robust tool to manage your Salesforce data quality.

Undo and Restore

Cloudingo’s Undo and Restore feature allows users to rollback jobs (such as merges) to their original state. The restore feature will re-insert the deleted record’s data and re-attach the related […]

Custom Objects

In addition to the standard objects already supported (leads, contacts, accounts, and person accounts if enabled), Cloudingo can also be configured to allow for deduping and/or importing against your custom […]

Automation Rules Library

The Automation Rules Library serves as a backup area or archive for your Automation Rules. If you have more than one org connected to Cloudingo (such as a Production org […]

Manage Owner Mapping

The Manage Owner Mapping feature was designed to allow you to easily handle ownership transitions. Mapping owners can be used for any number of reasons, such as transitioning records from […]

Creating & Editing Convert Rules

You can automatically convert Leads to Contacts and Accounts using Cloudingo’s convert rules. Convert Rules allow you to define how Cloudingo will convert records. You have the ability to convert […]

Handling Fields Differently from the Master

There are 2 rule settings that determine how to choose fields (differently than your master) for field value selections based on your specific business needs. Default Field Values – Define […]

Choosing the Master Record

When creating or editing an automation rule, you will tell Cloudingo how to select the master record when merging a group of duplicates on Tab 2. The master record serves […]

Rule & Automation Summaries

With all the fields and criteria available to create an automation rule, it can sometimes seem confusing as to what the rule will actually do. That’s why we give you […]

Using Exceptions

To obtain the most accurate and complete Salesforce data you can do this and this. Diving even further, you can add exceptions for when you don’t want Cloudingo to automatically […]

Specific Field Values

To get the most complete and accurate record in Salesforce, follow these tips when setting up automation rules. But you can get increasingly precise and control things down to the […]

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