Data Maintenance Module

Mass Update and Mass Delete

Cloudingo gives you the ability to update and delete Salesforce records in bulk using the Data Maintenance module. There are 3 Mass Update filter options to choose from: Update Unique Records: Cloudingo allows you to create a unique list of records that you want to update in bulk. To do this, specify which records you […]

Address Validation & Standardization

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about address validation and standardization or follow the step-by-step instructions below. Navigation To access the Address Validation & Standardization feature, click the Dashboard menu drop box at the top of the page, and choose “Data Maintenance” from the list of options. Cloudingo comes pre-set with 3 address filters […]

Anatomy of a Job

Data maintenance jobs look very similarly to deduping filters. The blue tiles on the Data Maintenance Module dashboard represent individual jobs that analyze your data in specific ways. At the top of each tile is a title and a navigational menu for the individual job. Beneath the first row is additional information about the job, […]

Creating Data Maintenance Jobs

What is a data maintenance job anyway? A job allows you to look at a set of records that match user-defined criteria (field values within the records). The types of jobs you can perform are Mass Update, Mass Delete, and Address Validation & Standardization. Cloudingo comes with some standard jobs but it’s easy to create […]

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