Articles related to using filters inside Cloudingo. Cloudingo Filters provide a way to draw a circle around a group of Salesforce records and compare them. Filters allow you to dedupe/merge, update, convert, delete Salesforce records.

Custom Objects

In addition to the standard objects already supported (leads, contacts, accounts, and person accounts if enabled), Cloudingo can also be configured to allow for deduping and/or importing against your custom […]

Fuzzy Logic on Street Address

When using ‘Fuzzy’ as your matching option within your filter configuration on a Street field, Cloudingo allows you some flexibility on how to determine the logic. Cloudingo will use a […]

Excluding Records From Filter Results

There may be times when you don’t want to merge or convert records that show up in your filter results. This could be because of your business rules or policies, […]

Filter Library

The Filter Library serves as a backup area or archive for your filters. Two big benefits of the filter library are: To clean up and make your dashboard easier to […]

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