Using Synonyms to Find Duplicates

One way Cloudingo recognizes that records are duplicates are through synonyms. Take for example two Contacts: William Thompson and Bill Thompson. Using synonym matching, these will be classified as dupes. When creating or editing filters, enable synonym matching by marking the check box in any of these three fields (note: you must select Exact in […]

Primary vs. Secondary Fields

Primary Field The Primary field is the first field added to the selected fields list. Your Primary field will by default be your Group Name that is displayed in the Merge Preview page. The Group Name can be changed in the ‘Group results by this field‘ drop box. The Group Name is the field value […]

Deleting Filters

Keep your Dashboard clutter free by deleting filters that you no longer use. Your filters reflect potential duplicates that need to be managed on a routine basis. Deleting filters that you no longer need allows you to focus on your priorities.

Filter Titles Best Practices

The filter title is the easiest way to identify from the dashboard what duplicates are being found within that filter. The title should reference the object that you are working with as well as some indication of the filter criteria. For example, if you have built a filter looking at leads matching on email and […]

Fuzzy Matching

Use fuzzy matching as a last matching option to find any stray duplicates. “Fuzzy” as a matching style, is a propriety algorithm that will return the broadest array of possibilities which means you will find duplicates not identified by other matching styles, but you will also get the largest number of false positives. It will […]

Matching Styles

Matching styles defined: Alpha Numeric Only: Strips out any special characters, symbols, and spaces. Company Name Cleaned: Strips out standard corporate suffixes and articles, ex. Inc., Incorporated, Co., Company, The, A, etc. If you want Cloudingo to also strip out all spaces from your values before making the comparison against other records, select the ‘Remove Spaces’ checkbox. […]

Creating & Editing Filters

Cloudingo walks you through four steps to create or edit filters. From the dashboard, start by clicking either Create New Filter on the Actions drop down menu or Edit from one of your filter menus. Creating and Editing Filters (Full Version) Watch the entire video below (16 min), or for your convenience we have broken […]

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