Fuzzy Matching

Use fuzzy matching as a last matching option to find any stray duplicates. “Fuzzy” as a matching style, is a propriety algorithm that will return the broadest array of possibilities which means you will find duplicates not identified by other matching styles, but you will also get the largest number of false positives. It will […]

Matching Styles

Matching styles are used in filters to identify duplicate records. The most common matching style is “exact match” which, like its name implies, finds records that have the exact same value in a given field. For example, using exact matching on the email field will identify records that have “” as the email. If the […]

Creating & Editing Filters

Cloudingo walks you through four steps to create or edit filters. From the dashboard, start by clicking either Create New Filter on the Actions drop down menu or Edit from one of your filter menus. Creating and Editing Filters (Full Version) Watch the entire video below (16 min), or for your convenience we have broken […]

Anatomy of a Filter

The blue tiles on the dashboard represent individual filters that analyze your data in specific ways. At the top of each tile is a title, and a navigational menu for the individual filter. Beneath the first row is additional information about the filter, whether it is a Merge filter (like objects) or a Convert filter (cross objects), […]

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