Getting Started

Multi-User Settings and Functions

Cloudingo’s multi-user feature is available to Enterprise customers. With multi-user logins, admins can share the responsibility for data maintenance, while also managing who can access and modify data with Cloudingo. Control access and permissions, and increase security by easily setting various types of logins and assigning roles to each Cloudingo user. For example, restrict access […]

How to Dedupe and Where to Start

The first time you login to Cloudingo you may look around and wonder how to dedupe and where to start. Should you look at Leads first? What’s the best filter to use? Before we tell you what we recommend, keep in mind that if you don’t follow our order, it’s okay – your final results […]

Installing & Connecting Cloudingo

  That’s it! Now you’re ready to create and edit more filters or start merging duplicates. Setup automation rules so Cloudingo can run on a schedule and you can get back to work.

Grid & List Dashboard Views

Two Views Depending on your preference, Cloudingo has two ways to view your dashboard: grid and list view. Move the slider on the image below to see which view you like best. [twentytwenty] [/twentytwenty]   Sorting & Reording Filters Both views allow you to reorder your filters, using the drag-n-drop pop-up under Actions  Re-Order Filters. […]

Confidence Level

When working with filters, you must first consider your data. What would you consider a duplicate? Based upon that question you can start playing with the various field combinations to build a filter that works for you. “Tight” Filters It is always best to start with a “tight” filter. This is a filter that will […]

Dedupe Dashboard

At the very top of the page,  you will see your navigation options. The main window of the Cloudingo Dedupe Dashboard lists the filters that analyze your Salesforce data for duplicates. Above the filters, at the right margin, are the key navigation menus that enable you to configure and work with Cloudingo.  

Navigation Options

The top margin of the dashboard provides some key navigational links that are always visible:  

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