Import Wizard

Rescanning Imports

The Import Wizard allows you to perform multiple passes or scans in order to push the cleanest data possible to Salesforce. From Tab 6 you have the ability to select […]

Import File Limitations

The Import Wizard will allow you to import a CSV or Tab Delimited file of up to 10MB. Additionally, Cloudingo works with UTF-8 characters. Cloudingo does pick up various characters […]

Importing Multi-Objects

Step-by-Step Multi-Object Import Instructions Cloudingo lets you import and dedupe CSV or tab delimited files using the Import Wizard. To launch the wizard, click and then . Note: Any incomplete […]

Deleting Incomplete Imports

Any incomplete and/or complete past imports are stored in Cloudingo and are listed on the first page of the import wizard. If you do not need these past imports, it […]

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