Merging & Converting

Custom Objects

In addition to the standard objects already supported (leads, contacts, accounts, and person accounts if enabled), Cloudingo can also be configured to allow for deduping and/or importing against your custom Salesforce objects (such as opportunities, cases, or other specific custom objects you have configured within your Salesforce org). To dedupe against one or more of […]

Automation Preview Report

The Automation Preview Report is designed for those needing a way to ensure master selectors and automation rules are correct before any merge or action takes place. It’s essentially a report that allows you to preview what your final record will look like. This report eliminates the need to manually open and review duplicate groups […]

Exportable Reports

There may be instances where you want to see a list of duplicate records that are being reported within a particular filter before any merge or action takes place. The Exportable Reports add-on allows you to export filter results into a .csv file to analyze outside of Cloudingo. (View the Manage Subscription page to enable […]

Manage Owner Mapping

The Manage Owner Mapping feature was designed to allow you to easily handle ownership transitions. Mapping owners can be used for any number of reasons, such as transitioning records from one sales representative to a new one or managing ownership for inactive owners. Take for example inactive users. When a user leaves your organization, you […]

Additional Merge and Convert Options

When viewing records side-by-side on the merge or convert grids, you have additional ways to handle records: Protect in Cloudingo: the record cannot be merged/converted or updated, but will still be shown in the grid Hide from Cloudingo: the record will not be shown in the grid as a duplicate Delete from Salesforce: instantly deletes […]

Previewing & Testing Merge Rules

It is recommended that you take a little time in the beginning to see how your records will be handled. After you have created your merge rules, randomly view a few groups of duplicates to see if the merge preview is populated the way you want it. Then manually merge the group and check the […]

Reassign and Transfer Account Ownerships

The best way to mass update account and contact owners is directly within Salesforce. If you have the proper Salesforce privileges and access rights, use the “Transfer Accounts” link at the bottom of the Accounts tab. The Mass Transfer method will transfer all the related contacts, opportunities, notes, and activities belonging to the existing owner. […]

Editing Info Prior to Merging

Is it possible to edit the record information prior to merging? Scenario: You have two separate accounts for John Smith and Sally Smith and you want to merge them. But how do you change the account name to reflect ‘John & Sally Smith’ rather than only one name being merged? Solution: Each field or cell […]

Inline Editing

Do you utilize the convenience and power of inline editing? The inline editing feature can be found throughout Cloudingo – inside the merge grid, within converting tables, and in the Import Wizard. An example of when inline editing can be helpful is if you have two duplicate records but you notice that all three have […]

Oldest Create Date

When merging records, Salesforce always preserves the Oldest Create Date of the records that you are merging, no matter what date is displayed in the merge preview or on the master record. When importing records using the Import Wizard, Cloudingo assigns a temporary create date as the beginning of time to records in the import […]

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