Tips & Tricks

How to Dedupe and Where to Start

The first time you login to Cloudingo you may look around and wonder how to dedupe and where to start. Should you look at Leads first? What’s the best filter […]

Previewing & Testing Merge Rules

It is recommended that you take a little time in the beginning to see how your records will be handled. After you have created your merge rules, randomly view a […]

Handling Fields Differently from the Master

There are 2 rule settings that determine how to choose fields (differently than your master) for field value selections based on your specific business needs. Default Field Values – Define [&hel...

Using Synonyms to Find Duplicates

One way Cloudingo recognizes that records are duplicates are through synonyms. Take for example two Contacts: William Thompson and Bill Thompson. Using synonym matching, these will be classified as du...

Adding & Updating Import Fields

Scenario: You’re using the import wizard. For those that are duplicates, you want to add new information and update blank fields. Solution: You can add new information on an import […]

Rule & Automation Summaries

With all the fields and criteria available to create an automation rule, it can sometimes seem confusing as to what the rule will actually do. That’s why we give you […]

Grid & List Dashboard Views

Two Views Depending on your preference, Cloudingo has two ways to view your dashboard: grid and list view. Move the slider on the image below to see which view you […]

Using Exceptions

To obtain the most accurate and complete Salesforce data you can do this and this. Diving even further, you can add exceptions for when you don’t want Cloudingo to automatically […]

Specific Field Values

To get the most complete and accurate record in Salesforce, follow these tips when setting up automation rules. But you can get increasingly precise and control things down to the […]

How to Get the Most Complete Record

When faced with duplicate records in your database, the probability increases that old and missing information exists. One employee may use Duplicate Record 1 to log a phone call, while […]

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