The Automation Preview Report is designed for those needing a way to ensure master selectors and automation rules are correct before any merge or action takes place. It’s essentially a report that allows you to preview what your final record will look like. This report eliminates the need to manually open and review duplicate groups using the merge grid. Some organizations need verification or approval from record owners before any merge can occur. The Automation Preview Report produces a downloadable .csv file that can be emailed to decision influencers and can be uploaded to third-party systems to mark records that will be merged without using Cloudingo’s API integration. (Contact the sales team to enable this add-on.)

The report includes:

  • Up to 15 fields chosen by the user
  • The Salesforce IDs of the master and child records
  • Field values of the master and child records


Once the add-on is enabled in your account, select “Automation Preview” from the filter menu of any filter you want to report on. It may take a few minutes for the report to generate. The report will be available to download from the Automation Preview dashboard.