The Automation Report is more of a monitor than a report. You can monitor an automation job in real time. You can also see historical information about automation jobs. Records that get merged from an automation job are also included in both the Merge/Convert Report and the Audit Report.

At the top of the Automation Report monitor is a drop down menu and fields that enable you to filter automation jobs and reports based on date ranges.

Cloudingo automation report

Automation Runs shows a timeline of jobs that have run or are running. Hovering over the points on the line will provide additional details.

Automation Jobs lists each individual job that has run or is running with the current status of the job and its results. The hyperlink “View” allows you to drill into the specifics of an individual job.

Record Summary provides a real time graphical representation of the status of an automation job.

Currently Running shows automation jobs that are in process. From this window, you can stop a job if needed by clicking the hyperlink “Stop.”

Upcoming/Queued Jobs lists any jobs that have not yet been started, but that are planned.