Cloudingo’s Automation settings work in three ways to determine:

  1. Default selections for manual merges. These default selections can always be overridden.
  2. How selected groups in a Mass Merge will be merged.
  3. How all groups in a filter running Auto Merge will be merged.

Automation settings are controlled from the Automation drop down menu on the Cloudingo dashboard. You will see options for creating and managing automation rules, setting the Run Window and Throttle for automation jobs, and an option to start automation (automation jobs can also be started from the individual filters on the dashboard).

Cloudingo Dedupe & Data Quality Automation Concepts

Automation Rules allow you to define how Cloudingo will merge records using Mass Merge or Auto-Merge. You can create different rules for different filters or for different jobs. For example, you can create rules that apply to imports only and not to filters run from the dashboard. Within your automation rules, you can control things down to the field level as well as set exceptions (situations where you would not want Cloudingo to merge the records).