You can change your Cloudingo username and/or password at any time. Just login to your account, and click the menu option with your display name (in the top right corner just to the left of the ‘Admin’ menu).

From the menu, click Change Password and/or Change Username. A confirmation email will be sent to the user’s email to confirm the changes made.

Changing Cloudingo Username/Password


  • The username must be a valid email address and the password must contain one capital letter.
  • Change the menu display name by going to the “Account” settings (from the same menu where you change the username and password). Once in the Account settings, choose the blue “Edit” option to the bottom right corner. Then, just change the first and last name. Once you have updated the display name and saved the changes, you will need to log out of Cloudingo and back in before you can see the menu name change.
  • If you are unable to login to Cloudingo at all (using the blue ‘login with Salesforce’ OAuth option or by entering in the Cloudingo username & password), and you are unsure of the Cloudingo password, you can go to the Cloudingo login page and click the link for forgotten passwords. Instructions for recovering the password will be emailed to the address that is currently set as the Cloudingo username.
    NOTE: If the current Cloudingo username is a previous employee that no longer has an email inbox and/or their email is no longer forwarded to someone in your office, you will need to contact our Support team for assistance to get the Cloudingo username changed.

    • Once you get the password restored, you can login to Cloudingo using the current Cloudingo username and the new password (using the regular login boxes, not the OAuth option).  You will not be able to login using OAuth until after you have successfully logged into Cloudingo and switched the Salesforce user credentials tied to Cloudingo to establish the connection. Once that change is made, you can use the blue OAuth login going forward.
    • Once you are able to login to Cloudingo, you can follow the instructions above to change the Cloudingo username & password, and to also switch the Salesforce credentials if necessary.  Instructions for updating the credentials can be found here.)