What is a data maintenance job anyway?

A job allows you to look at a set of records that match user-defined criteria (field values within the records). The types of jobs you can perform are Mass Update, Mass Delete, and Address Validation & Standardization. Cloudingo comes with some standard jobs but it’s easy to create your own or edit any of the jobs you see on the Dashboard.

To navigate to the Data Maintenance dashboard, simply click the Dashboard menu option at the top, left of the main page, and choose Data Maintenance from the list.

Step-by-step Instructions

Please select the data maintenance job you would like to perform to see a more detailed & tailored step by step instruction guide:

Mass Update
Person Accounts

Mass Delete

Address Validation & Standardization



create job

Tab 1 The Basics

Define the Job

Select a maintenance type (Address Validate & Standardize, Delete, or Update).

Select an object.

Enter a name for the job (displayed on the dashboard), and optionally, add a description.

Validate Only (appears for Address Validate & Standardize jobs) The Validate Only checkbox is deselected by default. If you do not want Cloudingo to standardize the records, check the box and only validation will occur.

Enable The Enable checkbox is selected by default. This checkbox must be selected in order for the filter to scan Salesforce data for records meeting the designated criteria.

Click Continue .

Tab 2 Which Leads/Accounts/Contacts do you want to validate, delete, geocode, or update?

Choosing Fields for Identifying Records

Select fields to use in searching for matches by dragging the fields from the left panel to the right panel.

From the drop down menus on the left side, select an operator, and then enter a value in the empty cell. Alternatively, you can select the check box “or Has No Value.”

Click Continue .

Note: For Delete jobs this is the last tab. Click Save or  Save & Run .

Tab 3 What Fields Do You Want to Update?

Select Fields

For Update Jobs:  Select the field you want to update from the drop down menu on the left, then select an option or enter a value on the right.  Alternatively, select the check box at the bottom to clear any values and leave the field empty.

For alpha field values,  you will have the option to Update Field Mapping to be Upper Case, Lower Case, or Title Case (which is capitalizes the first letter of each word in the text value).

Click Add Field to update additional fields.

For Validate/Standardize Jobs: Choose the set of address fields you want to validate and standardize from the top drop down menu and Cloudingo will auto-map those fields. Auto-mapping can be overridden with custom selections.

Note: The last field mapping option (“Field for Cloudingo to update when finished’) is used to mark a record as having been validated.  You can leave this mapping set to its default, or you can map to a custom field of your choice.

Click Save or  Save & Run .