If you would like to find duplicates based on matching email domains, you can exclude multiple domains (such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, etc.) to narrow down your search.

Step 1

In Salesforce you will need to create a new custom field on the object called Email Domain with the following settings: (Note: If your formula fails in Step 3 below, try re-typing the formula from below instead of copying/pasting, OR use single instead of double quotes around the ‘@’ sign.)

  1. Type = Formula
  2. Return Type = Text
  3. Advanced Formula: RIGHT(Email, LEN(Email) – FIND(“@”, Email))

Step 2

When creating a filter in Cloudingo, on Step 3 drag and drop Email Domain to the Selected Criteria column. Select “Not Equal” in the dropdown and type the domains you’d like to exclude. Separate the domain values by commas with no spaces (example: gmail.com,yahoo.com,hotmail.com)

email step 3