Preserving Checkboxes

Email Opt Out or Do Not Call fields are often checkboxes. Most companies want to preserve if a person has chosen to opt out of communication. To preserve values from a checkbox you will want to use the following settings:

On Tab 2 How Do You Want to Merge Records of an automation rule, under Specific Field Values choose the field Prioritize Values Always Override Master Options: True (checked) then False (unchecked)  Save


These fields must be enabled in Salesforce. They allow you to select more than one value for the specific field. To preserve all values from the merged records in this field, use the following settings in the Specific Field Values section of your merge rules (same place as the above photo):

Choose the field Combined List Always Override Master

Fields Referencing or Linked to Outside Systems

These fields need special consideration as they are tied to something outside of Salesforce. You may preserve all of these values in the Audit Report by setting up a field level rule (setting it to behave the same as your default rule so that you do not change how the value is actually chosen for merge), then selecting the Audit option under ‘Actions’ . The Audit Report can be exported to allow you to update and retire information in your external systems as needed.

For more detailed information on setting up specific field rules, please visit our Merge Automation Rules page.