Cloudingo has a variety of training video options available. Previously hosted Focus on Success webinar sessions can be found below, with links to the video recordings. To register for upcoming webinars, please visit here.

General (system, processes, users, roles, etc.)

Managing Multi Account and Contact Relationships

Managing Multi Account and Contact Relationships

Controlling Salesforce Resources (API/Time throttle)

Controlling Salesforce Resources (Focus on Success Friday)

Cloudingo User Setup (users & roles)

Multiple Users (Focus on Success Friday)

5 Must Do’s Before Merging

5 Must-Dos Before Merging

Common Misconceptions & Pitfalls

Common Misconceptions & Pitfalls


Ways to Find Duplicates in Salesforce (Filters)

Ways to Find Duplicates in Salesforce

Filter (Configurations and Best practices)

Filters Best Practices (Focus on Success Friday)

Matching Styles

Matching Styles (Focus on Success Friday)

Synonyms (Using Synonyms to Find Duplicates)

Using Synonyms to Find Duplicates (Focus on Success Friday)

Fuzzy Street (Using Fuzzy Matching on Street Values)

How Using Fuzzy Matching on Street Can Improve Filters (Focus on Success Friday)

Match on Empty

Match on Empty: What is it and why use it? (Focus on Success Friday)

Merge Grid (Merge Preview)

Working with the Merge Grid (Focus on Success Friday)

Cross Field Matching

Cross-Field Matching (Focus on Success Friday)

Excluding Records from Filter Results (hide/protect records or filter out only new record matches coming in for manually reviewed filters)

Excluding Records from Filter Results (Focus on Success Friday)

Automation Rules

Automation Rules (How Record Values are Chosen)

How Record Values are Chosen: Looking at Merge Automation Rules

Most Complete Record (get most complete record during merge)

How to Get the Most Complete Record (Focus on Success Friday)

Specific Field Rules (customize business logic for individual field value selections)

Handling Fields Differently from the Master (Focus on Success Friday)

Exception Rules (rules to prevent auto-merge on certain groups or records)

Exceptions: What Gets Merged and What Doesn’t (Focus on Success Friday)

Scheduling Automation Jobs

Scheduling Data Clean Up (Focus on Success Friday)

Mass Convert

Lead to Contact Conversions (Leads with matching Contacts)

Lead to Contact Filters: Resolving Duplicate Leads When the Contact Already Exists (Focus on Success Friday)

Lead to Account Conversions (Leads with matching Accounts and/or Leads without matching contacts or accounts)

How to Convert Leads to Accounts (Focus on Success Friday)

Manage Owner Mapping (reassign inactive owners or to new owners)

Handling Record Ownership Transitions (Focus on Success Friday)

Ways to Merge (manually, mass, or automate)

Filter & Automation Rules Libraries (share across environment connections or to other users)


Import Steps 1-4

Importing Part I (Focus on Success Friday)

Import Steps 5-6

Importing Part II (Focus on Success Friday)

Import Advanced (import automation rules & using transform)

Import Wizard: Advanced Tips (Focus on Success Friday)

Import Templates (Rapid Import)

Rapid Import (Focus on Success Friday)