When using ‘Fuzzy’ as your matching option within your filter configuration on a Street field, Cloudingo allows you some flexibility on how to determine the logic.

Using fuzzy street matching in Cloudingo

Cloudingo will use a pre-set list of synonyms (like Avenue vs. Ave., Street vs St., etc.) The list is also configurable!

So, if you need to add additional street words to the matching algorithm, you can manage this yourself within the application. The list is managed in the Synonym matching page. To access the list, login to Cloudingo, then click on “Admin” (at the top right corner) drop box, then choose “Synonyms” from the options. Managing fuzzy address/street matching in Cloudingo

The synonyms page will default to the First Name list. To edit the settings, select ‘Address Synonyms’ in the drop down menu below ‘Manage Synonyms’.

Cloudingo fuzzy Address synonyms and abbreviations

Here is an example of a match that fuzzy (on Street) would find:

123 Main St.
123 Main Street

The fuzzy street logic will ignore the portions of the field value that are listed in your synonym matches BEFORE it tries to make the comparison on the field values. In this example, it is ignoring St. & Street, finding the match based on the ‘123 Main’ portion of the field value.