Before you start an import, it’s important that you decide how you want to find your duplicates and how you want to merge them. The import wizard uses the filters and automation rules that you have already created. If you prefer different criteria, you must create the filters and rules before you start importing.  Watch the how-to video on the Import Wizard Part I – Filters & Automation Rules here.

Follow the Import Wizard step-by-step instructions below or watch our collection of how-to videos at the bottom.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Please choose which object you wish to scan & import against to view the specific step-by-step instructions for that object import:

Importing Leads
Importing Contacts
Importing Accounts
Importing Multi-Objects (Contacts, Leads & Accounts)


How-to Videos

Import Wizard Part I – Filters & Automation Rules

Import Wizard Part II – Import Process (Full Version)

Watch the entire video below (26 min):