Multi-table filters (lead-to-contact and lead-to-account) function differently than single-table filters. Rather than simply merge records, multi-table filters, like in Salesforce, convert leads to contacts and accounts.

Lead to Contact filters: leads that are duplicates of existing contacts are deleted.
Lead to Account filters: leads that are duplicates of existing accounts are converted to contacts and associated with the account.


The group display table for a multi-table filter will look a bit different than that of a single table filter: the account or contact is displayed on the left of the table with its field list, and all matching leads are displayed on the right with the lead field list.

Select the lead(s) to convert using the checkbox at the top of each lead record. Field values for the account or contact can be changed using inline editing only.

Click the “Continue” button at the bottom right of the table.

The next screen presents the you with the same options seen when converting leads inside of Salesforce. You can assign a new record owner, create an opportunity, set a task, or send a notification email. From the Options drop down menu at the top right, you can define default preferences for conversions to make the process more efficient.

Once all options are set, click Submit in the lower right corner. When a group of duplicate records has been converted, the Group and Match counts on the group list as well as on the dashboard are updated.

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