If you have not yet configured your filters & automation rules for mass merge or mass convert, you will need to start there first.

For more information on how to configure your merge or convert DeDupe filters, please see our filters help article here.

If you are looking to mass convert Leads into new Accounts/Contacts or Person Accounts where there is no matching Account/Contact or Person Account already in Salesforce, this can be done using our Data Maintenance tool. Please see our Update Unique Records help article here.

Once you have configured your filters & automation rules and verified that the results look as you expect them to, you will be ready to mass merge!

Cloudingo offers a ‘Mass Merge’ & ‘Mass Convert’ option directly in the filter result’s merge preview page.

Mass merge and convert allows you to select multiple duplicate groups at one time and simply click a button to have all of the selected groups merged/converted based on Automation Rules.

To perform a mass merge, go into your filter results to get into the Merge Preview page. Select groups using the checkbox to the left of each group, or choose the Select All box at the top left corner. Click the Mass Merge / Mass Convert button at the top of the group list.
mass merge

That’s it! Cloudingo will merge or convert your duplicates in bulk! You must mass merge groups one page at a time within the preview page. Results will refresh in the list as the records are merged.

Cloudingo does also offer an automated mass merge using automation jobs where you can set the filter to run one time (or scheduled). Run automation one time by choosing the Start Automation from the specific filter’s menu option that you wish to run. Or schedule the job.