Converted objects can only be owned by usersCheck Cloudingo’s Convert automation rule for ‘owner’ field rule/Lead Queue owner values cannot be set on Contacts
Duplicate record already existsCheck Salesforce native duplicate blocking filters/rules
Entity DeletedCheck if record is truly deleted in Salesforce; Check for values from non-master records pulling into blank Master field
Hierarchy constraints; Parent account cannot be child of account already a parent ofSeparate filters (parent ID has a value & parent ID has no value); Setup a field rule to never override parent ID
Inactive OwnerSetup Cloudingo’s Owner Mapping
Invalid converted statusEdit Cloudingo’s Convert automation rule to set default status
(No error) Merge Preview does not load; Schema Offline ErrorSalesforce field permission issues (for user profile)
Random errors referencing Salesforce triggersTry the merge in Salesforce directly; Contact vendor of trigger
Random errors referencing Salesforce validation rulesContact your Admin to see about bypassing Cloudingo user; setup field rule to accommodate validation requirement
Remove redundant account-contact relationshipEnable Multi-Account feature in Cloudingo