Primary Field

The Primary field is the first field added to the selected fields list. Your Primary field will by default be your Group Name that is displayed in the Merge Preview page. The Group Name can be changed in the ‘Group results by this field‘ drop box. The Group Name is the field value that will be displayed in the Merge Preview page when listing each unique group’s name.

Cloudingo indexes data and groups records according to the selected Primary field. Think of your primary field as the one that everything is grouped by to begin with. Because Cloudingo is indexing your data on this field, a high level of matching to identify your groups is needed.

Secondary Fields

Secondary fields are used for additional layers of filtering and matching duplicates. You can choose to display a list of “Recommended” fields (these are fields that are typically most useful in identifying duplicates), or a list of “All” of the fields available on the object using the buttons above the table.

Cloudingo uses AND logic on filters. The more secondary fields you have, the higher the confidence level but lower number of results.

To achieve OR logic you will need to create a second filter with the same Primary field but different Secondary field.

The primary field should be the most unique field value out of your field groups. For example, if you are matching on Email & Last Name, when scanning across all of your records for a match, email will return a much more unique value for matching than Last Name. So, you would list email as your primary and last name as secondary. “Fuzzy” as a matching style is not available on a Primary field; however you may use it on a Secondary field.