A common method to find Salesforce duplicates is to use the username (also called the Email ID) portion of an email address (the part before the @ sign) to find matches that have different email domains (the part after the @ sign). For example, you may wish to find matching records such as jwilliams@company.com and jwilliams@company.co.uk. Both email addresses have the same username but different variations in the domain portion.

Step 1

In Salesforce you will need to create a new custom field on the object called Email Username with the following settings: (Note: If your formula fails in Step 3 below, try re-typing the formula from below instead of copying/pasting, OR use single instead of double quotes around the ‘@’ sign.)

  1. Type = Formula
  2. Return Type = Text
  3. Advanced Formula: LEFT(Email,FIND(“@”,Email) – 1)

Step 2

When creating a filter in Cloudingo, on Step 2 drag and drop Email Username to the Selected Criteria column. (Note: It is recommended that you use additional filter criteria such as name, company name, or some other identifier in addition to this field.)

Cloudingo Filter Step 2 - Email Address