One way Cloudingo recognizes that records are duplicates are through synonyms. Take for example two Contacts: William Thompson and Bill Thompson. Using synonym matching, these will be classified as dupes.

When creating or editing filters, enable synonym matching by marking the check box in any of these three fields (note: you must select Exact in the Match drop down menu first):

  1. First Names – Cloudingo will recognize matches between formal first names, such as Robert, and familiar names, such as Bob.
  2. States – field values where states are spelled out (example: Texas) will be matched to their abbreviations (TX).
  3. Countries – works just like State fields. Full country names (example: Canada) will be matched to their abbreviations (CA).
  4. Cloudingo also uses the synonyms section to handle Fuzzy logic on Street Address fields. When using ‘Fuzzy’ as your matching option in the filter on Street, you do not have to check the box to ‘Enable Synonym Matching’ like you do on name, state or country. The synonym matching is automatically evaluated immediately when fuzzy is chosen on Street. For more information on using Fuzzy on Street, please click here.


You can manage the pre-set list of synonyms and add names, states, countries, or street synonyms to the list as well. To access the Synonym Lists, login to Cloudingo and click on ‘Admin’, then choose ‘Synonyms’.

Once in the Manage Synonyms page, you can choose the list you want to view or edit from the drop list.