The Run Window and Throttle page lets you control the Salesforce API resources allocated to Cloudingo, and to define the time-frame in which an automation job can run.

Cloudingo Automation Run window and API throttle setup


There are two sections: Throttling Options and Run Window Settings.

Throttling Options

Cloudingo, just like every other external application or process that communicates with Salesforce, utilizes API calls into the Salesforce org. Salesforce limits the number of API calls an org can utilize within a 24-hour period. The number of allowed calls is specific to the org and is determined by the number of user licenses. To check available API calls in Salesforce, go to: Setup System Overview.

The default setting is for Cloudingo is to use as many API resources as are available within every 24-hour block of time. However, you have the ability to control the number of API resources allocated to Cloudingo if API resources are needed by other applications and processes.

You can limit resources by defining the maximum number of Salesforce API resources Cloudingo can use, and/or by defining the maximum number of duplicate groups or records that can be processed within a 24-hour period of time.

It is most relevant to control API resource allocation during the initial cleanup phase when Cloudingo is likely managing large numbers of duplicate records, or when importing large volumes of data. Once in maintenance mode, it is less critical to monitor API resource usage. It is important to note that automation performance/speed can be impacted by things outside of Cloudingo’s control. If your Salesforce org has many triggers, workflows and packages that all “fire” upon record update/delete – this can impact performance.


Run Window Settings

Define when an automation job can run by setting a range of times and days. Jobs can be started from the Cloudingo dashboard at any time, but auto-processing of the duplicate records will only happen within the hours defined in the Run Window. Jobs started outside of the available times will be held in queue until the defined time is reached.

Be sure to always click Save to record any settings.