Activity Stream
  • 22 Mar 2023
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Activity Stream

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The Activity Stream provides a real-time view of jobs currently processing. Each job will display the group name and whether the request was successful or if the request failed. Failed requests allow users to hover over the failure alert to see a more detailed error message with the reason for failure. The Activity Stream Errors/Warnings report will also track all failures with specific message details for easier viewing and monitoring.

  1. Choose the ‘Activity Stream’ option from the top-right navigation options.
    1. When the Activity Stream is open, the icon will also close the Activity Stream from view if not pinned open.

Keep the Activity Stream Open

  1. Choose the pin icon to pin the Activity Stream open for viewing all the time.
    1. Activity Stream will appear in Dedupe, Update, Update Matching, and Delete tools.
  2. Choose the pin icon again to close the Activity Stream to give more viewing space on the page.

Filtering the Activity Stream

  1. Choose ‘All’ to see all recent activity.
  2. Choose ‘Successes’ to see all recent successful activities.
  3. Choose ‘Failures’ to see all recent failure activities.   

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