Changing the Salesforce credentials associated to Cloudingo is different than changing the Cloudingo username. The Salesforce credentials entered are used to establish the connection between Cloudingo and Salesforce. But, they do not necessarily have to be the same as the Cloudingo username & password that were created when the account was established.

To change the Salesforce credentials saved to Cloudingo, click on the top, left platform menu dropdown. Click the ‘Edit Salesforce account’ link for the environment that you wish to update the Salesforce credentials on. Once the Account Information window pops up, you will need to click the ‘Edit Account’ button again to enter in the new Salesforce credentials.

The username’s email domain will be hard-coded and cannot be updated. When entering in your username, you only need to enter the first portion of your username (if you are typing in the credentials rather than using the ‘Login with Salesforce’ to establish the connection). NOTE: If your email domain has changed, you will need to contact our support team for assistance.

The first line is only the display name. This will be the name that you see in the platform connection drop menu. It should be descriptive to match the environment that you are connecting to.

You may manually enter in your credentials using the Salesforce Username, Password & Security Token fields OR you can click the blue ‘Login with Salesforce’ Oauth option at the top to establish the connection.

If your network requires you to list trusted IP ranges for communication, you must white list Cloudingo IP ranges as trusted.

  1. Go to Salesforce: Setup >> Security Controls >> Network Access >> Trusted IP Ranges
  2. Click the “New” button
  3. Enter the following under “Please specify IP range”

Start IP Address =
End IP Address =

In some cases, you may also need to list the IP ranges as trusted under the user’s profile ranges as well.

For Sandbox connections, you will need to update your credentials anytime that your Sandbox is refreshed. Cloudingo uses the Salesforce Org ID to establish the connection the platform. Salesforce assigns a new Org ID whenever the Sandbox is refreshed, therefore the connection is broken. When this happens, the connection can be re-established by following the instructions above (for your Sandbox connection).

If you are on Cloudingo’s basic or standard license, please make sure that the credentials that you use are a full system administrator in Salesforce.

If you are a Cloudingo Enterprise license user, and you are the main Cloudingo administrator (owner user); you will also need full administrative rights in Salesforce.